Let’s face it, Digital@Retail inexorable, we hear it from all sides, problem is it’s complex and mistakes and failures are the norm. The experts and experience just isn’t out there for you draw on. The supply side of the sector is fragmented and inexperienced and is playing catch up, put your trust in ANQ, tried and tested by and never found wanting, why take the risk that the company you choose has the credentials required to deliver a full 360 solution;


  • Retail customer journey and experience knowledge

  • Systems integration and design

  • Technology to fixture integration

  • Audio Visual experience

  • An enterprise level delivery platform

  • Digital media and creative design

  • Customer experiences design and development

  • Installation assist with post in-store install support

  • Customer insight via interaction data from interactive customer touch points

  • Customer demographic analytics for gender, age group, expression and dwell time

experts and experience 

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